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A New Kind of Property Management

RentWatch is a landlord support platform that provides all the benefits of Professional Third Party Property Management while keeping the Landlord in total CONTROL.

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RentWatch Provides You With Industry-Leading Services, Support and Technology



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Peace of Mind

Gone are the days when landlords faced a series of tasks at any time just to manage a single property and keep tenants happy. Now, you can directly communicate with your tenants and organize your finances online so there’s no need to make any extra trips across town. RentWatch provides the tools for financial management and reporting for both you and your tenants, allowing you to be more organized and better able to manage payments.

All the information you need in one simple location

RentWatch was designed from the ground up to provide landlord’s with industry-leading support, technology and services never before directly available to them. We do this all while keeping costs at a fraction of what third party property management traditionally charges and while leaving you in total control of all decisions related to your investment property.

Rent Collection and Monitoring

Easy, worry-free rent collection. RentWatch offers mobile and online payment options that ensure tenants can easily pay rent on time. Our software provides reminders to tenants regarding unpaid balances and even alerts you the moment they make payment, or if payment is overdue.



Avoid the Headaches

Finding prospects isn’t enough. Proper tenant screening is critical. Our Online Tenant Applications include comprehensive screening, complete third party verification, and national criminal background checks. All of this handled for you to ensure quality tenants are placed. Our detailed pet vetting system verifies assistance animal status and verifies all applicable pet information, including training, behavior and vaccinations.


Scale Your Investment Portfolio With Confidence

As a landlord, your goal is to build an investment portfolio that will maximize profits and minimize your hands-on time. RentWatch offers market updates, trends and forecasts, along with a detailed yearly review of your equity positions. Our clients receive a monthly newsletter and market snapshot, including recent sales in their neighborhood. This keeps you in-tune with the market surrounding your investment. We take it a step further by offering a detailed Comparative Market Analysis every year from a Licensed Real Estate Broker. These are also available on-demand, anytime you want!



Let Us Manage Your Maintenance and Marketing Needs

Our plug-in Maintenance and Marketing Solutions save you time and stress while maximizing your exposure and streamlining the repairs process

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Never overpay for repairs & maintenance again

Maintain total control of all decisions related to maintenance on your property. Enjoy access to RentWatch’s Preferred Vendor Network.

Plug-in to our Maintenance Solution and let us take the 3am phone calls for you!

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Maximum exposure,
minimum effort.

RentWatch offers best-in-class marketing solutions. A well-planned and well-executed marketing strategy gets your home leased fast and for top-dollar. The best marketing plans create exposure to as many potential tenants as possible by delivering a consistent message about your home through a variety of marketing media.


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Need more convincing? Hear what our clients have to say!

We have 4 rentals they have taken care of for several years now. And they have done a very good job of keeping them occupied and cared for. They have been easy to work with and have taken any concerns we have seriously. I appreciate their work.
Ron Nielsen
December, 20

Need more convincing? Hear what our clients have to say!

Very professional in the way this team presents themselves! I’ve worked with A LOT of property management companies over the years and have never seen an operation so well run and organized. It is very apparent that they’re a client experience and outcome focused team vs just treating their like another ‘door’ accumulated for their business portfolio. I highly recommend!
Zack Lazo
March, 20

Need more convincing? Hear what our clients have to say!

This has been the best management company that we've used! They are efficient, effective, professional and thorough in the way they manage and it's worry-free as well! Their managers would remind us of what's ahead and should be aware of, say during the change of season or weather. They are very helpful and informative when we wanted to know something more about the property and real estate market! Highly recommend!!
xianzhe meng
December, 19

Need more convincing? Hear what our clients have to say!

Ian Joseph was a great help with selling my mother's house. He was professional, attentive to detail and patient. My mom, 75 years old, was absolutely impressed with the effort he and his crew put forward in making a difficult sale possible. Thank you.
Robert Wright
April, 20

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