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How to Find Quality Tenants (Without Spending a Fortune on Seattle Property Management)

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Successful landlords know the importance of finding quality tenants that pay their rent on time, take care of the property, and don't cause any problems. However, it is a difficult task to find these people without spending too much money on marketing and screening. 

Keep reading to learn some helpful Seattle property management company tips to find great tenants without overspending on wrong services or losing money due to lengthy vacancies. Here's how to maximize the tenant screening process (and your returns)!

Quality Tenants Are Hard to Find Without the Right Resources

Landlords can't (or shouldn't) trust that quality tenants will walk in the door simply because you have a vacant rental property! Without the right resources, quality residents are difficult to find in a pile of rental applications generated by your rental listing. 

Sometimes property owners experience lengthy vacancy times while waiting for a good tenant to come along. Empty properties lead to income loss, but placing a bad tenant in a rentaljust to fill a vacancycan be an expensive mistake. 

How can real estate investors find better tenants without losing money with an empty property or costly marketing experts? The right property management solution places quality renters and reduces vacancy times (without blowing your budget)!

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Why A Seattle WA Property Manager Is the Right Resource

If you're a DIY landlord, it can be hard to rationalize how paying for professional property management is the right resource to find tenants while maximizing ROIs. However, with an understanding of what you really get with the ideal property management solutionand the specific services you needit's easy to see how property managers are the best resources for tenant screening, placement, and leasing. 

A Property Manager Reduces Marketing Costs

You might not realize that you're overpaying for rental property marketing as a DIY landlord. Paying for listings, collateral, and signage on your own means you don't benefit from any pricing breaks or discounts. In many access, independent landlords miss out on access to critical rental search sites like the MLS, which requires a real estate professional to post listings. 

A Seattle property manager has the resources to minimize marketing costs due to their large volume of listings on multiple sites for multiple property owners. You benefit from lower pricing and better access to more potential renter audiences with a property manager!

A Seattle Property Management Company Creates Effective Listings

If your rental listing isn't getting noticed or generating applications, it's not doing you any goodand your property will stay vacant. Property managers have the expertise to create compelling listings with professional photos that stand out and lead to more applications from quality tenants (and shorter vacancy times). 

A property management team also monitors the application process to respond to prospective tenants right away. Keeping potential residents waiting can mean losing out on your next renter!

A Property Manager Screens Every Applicant Thoroughly

We know time is of the essence when filling a vacancy, but the right rental manager never skips the screening process for every applicant. Doing so puts your properties at risk of a bad tenant!

The best property management experts utilize a thorough screening process, including credit history, income verification, prior rental history, and reference checks. They won't place a tenant with bad credit, no job, or who has been evicted in the past. 

With the combination of these efforts, the right Seattle WA rental manager minimizes vacancy times while placing better tenants in your rentals.

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How Landlords Can Benefit From the Services They Need

Professional tenant placement probably sounds pretty good by now, but how can landlords benefit from itwithout full-service management? If you've ever looked into expert marketing, screening, or leasing, you've probably found that most traditional property managers deliver those services included with a full-service management package (and pricing). 

However, if you don't need help with maintenance or other aspects of managing your rental properties, you shouldn't have to pay for the services you don't want (or need) to get tenant placement help. 

Choose Only the Seattle Property Management That Works For You

We believe that DIY landlords should have options to choose from and benefit from only the services they want most. If your budget is ideal for tenant screening and marketing, and you have a trusted contractor that handles property maintenance, there's no need to pay for maintenance services if the only help you need is tenant placement. 

Professional tenant placement services don’t have to come with a full-service management plan! That's why RentWatch offers the flexibility for landlords to choose only the services they need to fit a budget and goals!

Find Better Tenants With the Right Property Manager

When you don’t want to pay for a full-service property management company but need help with tenant placement, RentWatch is the perfect solution. We provide specific Seattle property management services that fit your budget while still giving you peace of mind knowing that there is a professional on call 24/7 who knows what they are doing. Don't lose any more time with lengthy vacancies while your income suffers! Reach out, and let's talk about how our tenant placement services can boost your bottom line. 

Learn more about property management services that can improve your success? Download our free eBook, "The Biography of a Seattle Property Management Company."

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