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How to Write An Effective Seattle Rental Property Listing

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Rental property owners must attract quality renters to generate excellent returns on their investments. However, attracting quality tenants can be difficult if your listing isn't up to par. In fact, a low-quality listing can have the opposite effect and actually deter a prospective tenant from viewing your Seattle rental properties. 

What do property owners need to know to create effective listings and find good residents? Our Seattle, Washington property management experts share their experience here!

Why High-Quality Listings Matter

Throwing together a quick listing when a tenant moves out might seem like it's a routine part of being a real estate investor. However, sometimes quick listings leave you with lengthy vacancies because your property doesn't attract enough attention from quality renters. 


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Taking the time and applying the right insights to each rental listing can help a property owner reduce vacancy times, find better tenants, and generate more rental income throughout the year! Unfortunately, many landlords struggle to piece together compelling listings that work. 

What Goes Into a Professional Property Listing for a Rental Unit?

When you work with Seattle Washington property management professionals, you can be sure that your rental listing will have all the essential components. If you're looking for a few tips to apply to your current listings or for an upcoming vacancy, a well-done rental listing should include:

  • A compelling headline
  • Clear and accurate photos of the property and its features
  • Detailed information about the property's amenities and location
  • Details about the lease agreement 
  • The rental rate and tenant criteria 
  • Security deposit amount
  • If you allow pets (or not)
  • Unique features or highlights about recent property upgrades (new appliances, new flooring, etc.)

In addition, it's important to make sure that your Seattle rental listing is formatted correctly. This means using a professional template, proper grammar and spelling, and avoiding clutter or extraneous information. 

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline 

Your headline is one of the most important of a residential property listing. It's one of the first things that catches a tenant's attention and can help them decide if your Seattle rental properties are worth taking a look at. 

The best Seattle property management companies structure the headline to answer any questions that renters might have about the property to make an informed decision. For example, someone looking for Seattle WA pet-friendly rentals might be drawn to "Amazing Seattle Home w/Newly Updated Kitchen & Pet Friendly!" This Seattle, WA rent listing is formatted with the most important information (amenities) up top! 

An effective Seattle, WA property management company will also help you write headlines that are creative and attention-grabbing. For example, "Historic Seattle MansionFully Furnished & Gated!" could entice people looking for a unique Seattle living experience.

The Art of Showing Photos 

In addition to the attention-grabbing headlines, high-quality photos are essential in any rental listing. They give renters a sneak peek into the property and can help them decide if they want to take the time to read more about it. 

To make sure that your photos do your Seattle rental justice, be sure to:

  • Take clear and accurate pictures of the property from different angles
  • Include pictures of all of the property's features (bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, etc.) 
  • Make sure that all of the pictures are well-lit
  • Avoid taking pictures of messes or anything that could reflect poorly on you as a landlord 
  • Including captions with your rental listing photos can also help provide more information for renters. 

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We know it's tempting to grab your smartphone and snap a few quick photos to complete your listing. However, investing in a digital camera or hiring a professional real estate photographer can pay off with better photos that attract quality renters faster!

Tell a Story

Aside from the facts, figures, and other critical details that should be in your property's listing, property owners should use storytelling to engage prospective tenants. Tell viewers a little about the property, the surrounding area, and why it makes an excellent home for renters in the area. 

List It! 

Once you've created a compelling listing with these tips, list it on as many major rental search sites as you can. Spreading the word about your available rental property to a wide audience can expedite how quickly a new tenant finds your place, qualifies through your screening process, signs the lease agreement, and uses a move-in checklist to get settled in and start paying rent! If you're not sure where to list your property or how to gain access to some of the biggest listing sites, a property manager can help. 

A RentWatch Property Manager Helps Owners List and Rent! 

Finding qualities renters (quickly) is a critical aspect of operating successful rental properties in Seattle! If you're ready to incorporate these tips into your next listing or you prefer to hand listings over to professional property management experts, RentWatch can help. 

We offer unique solutions that allow real estate investors to choose (and pay for) only the services they need help with the most! Learn more about our unique approach to property management when you reach out to talk more. 

Learn more landlord tips from the pros! Download our free "DIY Landlord Handbook."


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