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Using Professional Photographs to Help Your Rental Listings

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The first impression you make on tenants can be a deal-breaker. Rental listing photos are often a potential tenant's first impression of your property, so it's critical to make them count! You might only get one chance to attract quality tenants to your unit.

To make sure the work you put into each listing adding in the details, working on the text, and posting it to as many sites as you can, don't let the photos be the thing that keeps your listing from getting the attention it deserves! Among the many tasks a property manager can do for you, they can also help you improve the quality of your listing photos. Follow these tips from our expert Seattle property management team!

Consider a Professional Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer is the easiest way to get quality listing photos without doing the work yourself. A Seattle photographer that specializes in real estate photography will be able to give you the level of expertise necessary for eye-catching photos to help your listings stand out. 

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You might own a quality camera and want to take a "shot" at photographing your rental on your own. While you can take pictures with your cell phone and get some decent photos, they might not be "the" photos that help rent your property faster. A professional photographer will help you get the right shots that might just pay off with quality renters fast!

Staging the Rental Unit

Whether you choose a pro or take photos on your own, perfect pictures start with a properly staged muse! Your rental property is the muse, and it's critical to prepare each space—inside and outside of the home—for a photo session.

property manager in Seattle will work with a professional photographer on the staging of the rental unit. Photos should show off spacious rooms that are free of clutter. 

You have the option of professionally staging rooms to highlight a room's capabilities and appeal, but it's not necessary to spend money on professional stagers to get quality photos. Start by:

  • Removing clutter and excess furniture and decor (if tenants still occupy the property)
  • Clean everything thoroughly!
  • Arrange a few pieces of furniture and minimal decor to keep the focus on the room
  • Coordinate a photo session with current tenants and protect their belongings while taking photos

Setting the scene helps produce quality photos that can intrigue potential tenants in Seattle to book a showing and fill out an application to see the rental in person!

Sett the Stage With Lighting

Lighting plays a big factor in quality photos to show off a room's best features. However, the lighting inside of the rental unit may not give you all the light you need. If a room lacks enough windows to let natural sunlight in, bring in extra lights to light the room appropriately. A professional photographer has the right equipment to set up lighting that highlights colors correctly and shows off bright, airy rooms that appeal to potential tenants. 

Lighting can be a game-changer for photographs! Don't rely on overhead lights or lamps to deliver the images you need to impress new tenants. A Seattle property management company can help you review a room's lighting and recommend options to capture dark spaces. 

Take Photos of Every Room and Every Angle

Let a person viewing the real estate listing photos feel like they have a virtual tour of the rental unit. The images should tell a story as they go with the rental listing. First, show the individual what it will look like when they come in the main door. Then, take them down the hallway and into each room one by one. 

During your photoshoot, photograph each room from a variety of angles. Avoid placing the camera at angles that make a room feel short or cramped. Good angles also help prevent capturing yourself in mirror reflections. 

Be careful with angles. Shooting too high or low can give a dishonest picture of the room's size and shape. All photos should be an accurate representation of every aspect of your property. While the best angles enhance the view of a room, poor angles and extensive edits can be misleading. Work with a property manager to get every photo just right!


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Hiring a Seattle Property Management Company to Handle Photos and Leasing!

If spending the time and effort on camera equipment, staging a property, finding a professional, and worrying about lighting isn't ideal, hire a Seattle property management company! We handle every aspect of creating effective property listings that attract quality renters. In addition, we work with professional photographers to take quality photos to help your listings stand out. 

RentWatch understands that hiring a property manager is hard to consider when you don't need help with every aspect of your rental properties. If you only need help with photos, listings, and leasing, choose a property manager in Seattle that allows you to benefit from those specific services—without requiring service packages or pricing. RentWatch delivers specific solutions for specific needs. Let's talk about how we can help you improve listing photos and lease properties faster!

Improving your landlord skills is easier with the right resources! Click to download our free guide, "The DIY Landlord Handbook."


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