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What To Do When You Don't Have Time For Rental Properties

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Rental properties are a great investment, but if you have a full-time job that keeps you busy, it can be challenging to find time for everything. In addition, rental property management requires a lot of work, so hiring the right Seattle property management company can be the best way to keep your rental house in tip-top shape and maximize returns!

When you don't have time to take care of every task necessary to operate profitable properties, here's how a property manager gives you the "gift" of Time, expertise, and better returns!

Having Time Is Essential for Rental Property Success

When you're busy working at a day job and managing rentals on top of that, it can be very difficult to keep up with maintenance and repairs. Property owners often spend their valuable weekend and evening time fixing issues at rental properties and responding to tenants, but your time is better spent on family, friends, and things you love to do! 

Seattle property management companies provide their clients with options for responding to tenants and handling emergency maintenance requests. When property owners don't have the time to quickly get to a maintenance issue or review a lease before new tenants sign it, they put properties and income at risk.


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If you don't have enough time for your investment properties or renters, you could be losing money! Seattle rentals require a significant amount of time and resources to operate them properly (and legally) for excellent ROIs. 

If You Don't Have Time, a Property Manager Does

Before you give up on your dreams of passive real estate investment income, it's time to consider a property manager. When you don't have time to take care of every task, property managers do! 

Whether you need a little help (or a lot), the right property management company can take on the tasks that slip through the cracks or need more attention than you have time to give. When spending more time on your investments isn't how you pictured being a successful landlord, shifting the operation of your properties to a residential property manager is the best way to get your free Time back while still enjoying rental property income. Plus, when a rental management expert takes on the critical tasks of maximizing your rent roll, your investment property income truly becomes "passive!"

How Does a Seattle Property Management Company Help?

It's common for owners to feel like they are the only ones who can manage their rental properties the way they need (or want) to reach their goals. While that can be true to an extent, many investors find that they enjoy their free Time and better profits when they turn their rental units over to experienced property management professionals. 

With a property manager that takes on the tasks you need help with the most, rental property owners experience:

  • The ideal answer to the question of "how much can I rent my house for" with competitive rental rates
  • Professional maintenance services to keep rentals in excellent condition (and tenants happy)
  • 24/7 availability to take care of emergencies--no matter when they occur--so owners can sleep better at night
  • Expert marketing strategies and tenant screening to place better renters in properties
  • On-time rent collection
  • Financial reporting to monitor property performance and profitability
  • Leasing experience to ensure legal, airtight leases (and enforcement)

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If you never realized the amount of work you've been doing to keep the cash flow coming in the door (or you didn't realize you should be doing all of these things to make money from your rental properties), it's Time for professional property management services! 

You Don't Have to Let Property Managers Do It All

You might be thinking that having someone else do all of those things sounds nice--but what about the costs? How much do property managers charge to "re-gift" time back to owners? 

While many Seattle property management companies only offer full-service packages that can become a significant budget item for investors, you have another option. Getting critical help to manage your properties shouldn't be a cost outside of your budget

RentWatch offers specific property management solutions to help rental owners get their Time back without requiring package deals or pricing for services they don't need or want. When a property owner can choose the specific services they want to turn over to property management experts (and experience cost savings from not paying for extra services), they experience free Time again--and better profits!

RentWatch Can Re-Gift Your Time (and Boost Rental Income)

If you need "some" help but you're not ready to commit to full-service property management (or prices), RentWatch is the ideal solution! Our experts can help with a few tasks, like collecting rent, tenant screening, or emergency maintenance responses, to help you enjoy more free time and better returns. If you're looking for a way to get only the help you need to meet your long-term financial goals, reach out to learn more about how RentWatch helps investors!

Learn more about what a property management company does when downloading our free ebook, "The Biography of a Seattle Property Management Company."


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