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Why Pay More for Seattle Property Management? You Don’t Have To!

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Owning one or more rental units is a tremendous investment. However, a lot goes into managing rental units for success—and collecting the rent is only part of it! If the work seems like it's too much to deal with to generate passive income, investors can rely on expert Seattle property management services to handle the day-to-day duties for your property while maximizing your revenue. 

However, sometimes property management can bust your budget if you're not clear about what you need and the best provider for your specific needs. Before choosing a property management company, check out this overview of traditional services vs. available options in the Seattle market!

Traditional Full-Service Property Management (and "Full" Fees)

Most property managers offer "traditional" service plans and pricing. Investors pay a lump sum for full-service management, then a property manager handles everything from marketing properties to finding tenants, property maintenance, and collecting the rent. 

For many rental property owners, full-service is an excellent solution! However, for other Seattle rental owners, an all-in-one solution doesn't fit their needs—or their budgets. If you haven't realized that there is another option to full-service management, we're here to help you learn more about it! 

There's no need to do without critical services that can streamline your rental property operations, help you find better tenants, and boost your bottom line. If your budget only has room for a few critical services, there's a way to experience precisely what you need without paying for the services you don't need. 

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A Long-Term Property Management Relationships Can Start Small

Your property manager should become a long-term relationship to partner with you over time to meet your future financial goals. The right property management solution in Seattle can start small with one or two services to get your income on track (and take some work off your plate). As your budget allows and your needs change, property managers with flexible service options grow with you! 

Flexible Solutions (and Lower Property Management Costs)

What's the alternative to full-service management and "full" fees? A rental property is a significant investment, and every property owner's goal is to maximize the return on investment. Sometimes increasing your revenue is as easy as cutting costs. If you're new to property management, it might feel like you're adding costs by paying for rental management services. However, most investors experience higher income after hiring a property manager—even for only a few critical services that can make a big impact on their bottom line. 

If you need help with everything related to your Seattle rentals and want to be completely hands-off, full-service management can be the best solution for you. With the right property manager, a full-service solution delivers everything you need while you get paid for enjoying more free time!  

However, if you only need a few services, choosing a flexible solution where you can pick and choose the best fits for your needs is ideal. Maybe you fit into a situation similar to these scenarios:

  • You have a trusted handyman who does excellent maintenance and repairs, but you need help finding quality tenants.
  • You don't live nearby to collect the rent every month, but you have an onsite property manager to handle maintenance calls. 
  • Your properties sit empty for too long, and you could use an experienced professional to reduce vacancy times and place better tenants

If help in one or a few of those areas is all you need, that's all you should pay for! With full-service property management, you might only need help with those tasks, but you're paying more for additional services—even if you don't use them. 

Increasing your cash flow can happen by choosing a Seattle property management solution that delivers exactly what you need at lower costs than a "kitchen sink" solution. 

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The Choice Is Yours

Breaking into the benefits of professional property management shouldn't require dipping into cash reserves or missing out until your budget grows. In many cases, the best way to boost income and increase your cash flow is to bring in a Seattle property manager sooner (rather than later). 

With a flexible property management solution, investors can start with some of the most experienced property managers in the area—then add more services as your portfolio grows. You choose:

  • What you need
  • When you need it

You also choose to save money over all-in-one pricing from full-service property managers until you're ready to add those services to your rentals! 

Don't Pay More for Seattle Property Management When You Don't Have to!

It's never been easier or more cost-effective to partner with a Seattle property management company! If the fear of expensive services that you don't need has held you back from choosing a property manager (and generating more revenue), RentWatch is here to help! 

We offer a range of services at a low price point to help investors benefit from exactly the services they need. If it's time to grow, let's talk about how we can help you get started with experienced property management services that fit your budget!

How much can you save compared to full-service property management pricing? Try our Savings Calculator!


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