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Our Core Services pricing plans make it easy to mix and match the property management services you need without sacrificing a large percentage of your rental income month after month. Whether you want to save time on daily management tasks or are looking to outsource your operations as you grow and expand your portfolio, we can help.


Rent Collection and Monitoring

Rent collection, simplified. Tenants can pay online, making it easier than ever to collect rent payments on time. A tenant ledger is available to property owners 24/7, so you never have to worry about where your money is or finding out who has failed to pay.


Monthly/Yearly Statements and Financial Tools

From annual tax prep and 1099 reporting to customized reports tailored to each property, owners enjoy detailed monthly statements and 24/7 access to the online Owner Portal to check past statements, account balances, and more.

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Tenant and Pet Screening

Maximizing your investment portfolio means finding the right tenants to care for your property and pay rent on time month after month. We help narrow down the highest quality tenants, and use our detailed pet vetting system to ensure their four-legged family members are the right choice as well.

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Landlord Advantage System

Our property owners enjoy access to our premium Landlord Advantage System. President and CEO of Landlord Solutions and Washington State Landlord Lobbyist Jim Henderson is on-hand to provide expert landlord strategies and solutions, as well as to help resolve issues and improve communications with residents. Rent Watch also provides lease documentation, addenda, and landlord forms to all property owners.

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Preferred Vendor Access

Other property management companies might be available to call a local plumber when a sink springs a leak. But with Rent Watch’s Preferred Vendor network, we’ll connect you to our carefully vetted, trusted vendors for everything from third-party tenant screening to plumbing, maintenance, real estate sales, and more.

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Priority Portfolio Review

Want to know how your investment compares to current market rates? One of our Core Services is a Priority Portfolio Review, which includes market updates, trends and forecasts, as well as a detailed yearly review of your properties and equity positions. Each month, you’ll receive a newsletter and market snapshot that includes details about recent sales in your neighborhood. Each year, you’ll receive a Comparative Market Analysis from a Licensed Real Estate Broker. You can also request an analysis, any time! All of this adds up to the tools that you need to track your portfolio’s performance and make decisions about buying additional properties.

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Enhanced Tenant Packages

Avoiding vacancies and demanding top-dollar for rent begins with providing an excellent experience for your renters. With our Enhanced Tenant Packages, you’ll give your renters access to their very own Tenant Portal, where they can make rent payments, view balances, see their lease, submit maintenance requests, and more.

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Landlord Rescue

At a loss about what to do with an under-performing tenant? With our Landlord Rescue, we’ll help you get them paying again or get them evicted as smoothly as possible. With our no cost obligation consults, we’ll walk you through your options and help you make the right choice when dealing with tough tenants.

Plug-in Software for Marketing and Maintenance

Besides our hands-on property management services, we also offer plug-in software for optimizing your maintenance process and maximizing your marketing efforts. Click here to learn more.

Comparing Our Pricing to Traditional PM

Unlike traditional property management companies, we don’t charge a percentage of your monthly rental income. Instead, we offer core services through straightforward pricing plans. Click here to learn more about how our pricing compares to your old school PM.

Right Price Assessment

With our Right Price Assessment, our team of valuation experts conducts thorough rent and market assessments, reviewing locations, supply and demand, fair market value, economic trends, and more to help you set your rent at a rate that will keep your properties filled while maximizing profits. Enter your address now to get a rental analysis report of your property to see how it compares to the rest of the market.


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