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Managing Your Portfolio With Our Owner Portal

Managing your rental portfolio has never been easier. While our skilled team handles tenant screening, vendor selection, and makes rent collection a breeze, you can keep track of everything that’s happening in your properties from anywhere.

On your owner portal, you’ll enjoy access to:

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  • Tax Documents
  • Financial Statements
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Our Landlord Advantage System
  • Comparative Market Analysis

Property owners and landlords maintain full control of their portfolio of properties, while optimizing their daily operations to save time, money, and stress! Your owner account is password protected, and all transactions are encrypted and securely transmitted to keep your information safe.



Rent is usually due on the first day of every month unless a lease agreement specifies otherwise. We offer a payment system that allows you to pay your rent online or they can drop payments off at our office in the form of check, cashier’s check, or money order. Click here to access the system. Tenant’s can use their Login to view their account balance as well.

The length of the lease is one year unless otherwise specified by you, the property owner.

You can deduct any costs related to restoring the property to its previous condition from a tenant security deposit. You must perform a detailed move in inspection with the Tenants, which absolve them of any preexisting damage. This signed report is kept on file until the tenant vacates the home. Examples of things that can be paid from security are: General cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Repairs of items that were not broken when the tenant moved in, unpaid utilities, landscape repairs and painting.

Our team can onboard you within 24 hours and get started!

We support a variety of residential, association, and commercial properties.

You will collect and keep the security deposit.

Of course! RentWatch was designed to leave the Landlord in total control of the property decisions.

RentWatch offers a robust marketing plug-in solution to our clients. See our services for more details.

RentWatch offers clients a thorough screening process which allows you to filter for the highest-quality applicants available.
Our process includes several background checks, employment verification, rental verification, as well as criminal and credit history checks.

If you plug-in to our maintenance solutions all emergency calls go through our 24/7 hotline and will be addressed immediately by our team. You are kept up to date throughout the process. We take the 3 AM phone calls so you don't have to!

RentWatch sends automatic reminders to you and your tenants when rent is unpaid. Based on your lease agreement we will charge the tenant additional fees.

Rent Watch was designed from the ground up to provide Landlord’s with industry-leading support, technology and services never before directly available to them. We do this all while keeping cost at a fraction of what third-party property management traditionally charges and while leaving you in total control of spending.

Some people confuse 1st & Last Month's rent with a “Security Deposit”. Laws that govern the use of rents vary substantially from those that involve security deposits. In Washington it’s common to tenants to remit an amount of money equal to one month's rent (at least) in addition to their first month's rent before they can move in. This additional money is called a security deposit. The deposit should be held in a brokerage trust account, and it can't be touched unless the tenant vacates the property. The benefit of taking a reasonable security deposit is that the money acts as leverage for a tenant to leave the property in great condition when they move out. If we were to take First & Last Month's “Rent”, that money would never be returned to the tenant and thus would not provide any real security for the owner as the tenant has no real motivation to leave the property in good condition. Landlords often make the mistake of charging too little of a security deposit which increasing their liability. There are new products entering the market all the time. There are now security deposit alternatives, which you can use as a Landlord. For more information on these security deposit alternatives, contact our team.

RentWatch offers direct deposit of your rent check directly into your bank account. We send funds weekly, on Tuesdays.

At RentWatch we offer a variety of tools to help determine the rental price a unit should rent for. One tool is using a Comparative Market Analysis. With this tool, we’ll be able to help you determine the right rent for your property. We also offer a Right Price Promise to our clients. Our team of valuation experts will conduct a rent and market assessment. We review Location, Condition, Supply & Demand, Fair Market Value and Economic Trends ensuring your home rents quickly and at the right price.

There are several things to remember when you are trying to market your rental property. • The important thing is that the home is “clutter free” and extremely clean. Prospective tenants are most attracted to clean homes when they are walking through them. They need to be able to see your home as a place “they” could call home. We require maid service, and carpets to be steam cleaned. • Paint your home in neutral colors. If not white, then any grey or light cream color would work. We recommend strongly that you avoid green, blues, or other more custom colors; especially dark colors. • Fix anything that is broken: If we turn over a clean, operational and maintained home to a tenant, it is much easier to hold them accountable for returning it back that way. • Install landscaping: If your property is dirt and barren in the backyard, we highly recommend that you “at least” pour some rock down to make the yard more appealing. Additionally, having a patio back there adds a great amount of value to your home and will get it rented faster. Homes can still rent without anything in the backyard, but it will hurt the rent you can get and the speed in which you could get it. • Have appliances available: 98% of potential tenants do not have their own refrigerator, washer/dryer, stove, or dishwasher. These items are covered under the security deposit if damaged and the tenants will have to maintain them if you leave them in the home.

There are a lot of horror stories about pets destroying homes. In our opinion, the damage a pet can do to a rental is far more indicative of the quality of the tenant you rent too, and NOT the pet. A great tenant will keep the house in great condition, regardless of the existence of a pet. Additionally, you can charge anywhere from $250-$500 or more in additional security deposit or fee to allow pets in rental properties. It’s becoming more and more common to also collect a Pet Rent monthly. Also, you should remember that more than 2/3 of potential tenants have or will have a pet at some point. Turning down applicants with pets can “significantly” increase the amount of time your property sits on the market.

You will have access to an online account that provides Real Time accounting, access to past and present Statements, and Maintenance and Conversation activity. RentWatch gives Landlords a single platform to log into to view all their investment activity.

RentWatch offers a detailed tenant screening and pet screening for our clients to use. You should always perform a detailed screening of each tenant over 18 years of age. This should include a National Background check of both Credit and Criminal histories, verification of their employment and income, and review a full Credit Report. Some Cities and States have limitations on screening so be sure to stay on top of your local legislation.

RentWatch offers all the tools and support traditional third party management companies do, at a fraction of the price. Where most companies will charge you 10% of the rent, our Core Services are $29.95/unit per month.

Many of our clients who own houses, apartment or condos for rent live out of State (or Country) and with our effective communication and industry leading support, you can have peace of mind while we care for your investment. We even offer Maintenance and Marketing Solutions.

You will receive monthly statements highlighting the current month activity. You also have 2/7 access to historical reports, and live data. RentWatch offers unlimited reporting options. We can customize these reports to your needs.

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee that gives our clients peace of mind. We work hard everyday to keep your business. If ever dissatisfied, you can use the Satisfaction Guarantee to terminate the agreement and receive a full refund of charges. No questions asked!