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Automated Solutions for Marketing and Maintaining Your Growing Portfolio

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Hassle-Free Maintenance Program
Instant support from our skilled maintenance team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

24/7 Emergency -
$9.95/unit per month

Our Hassle-Free Maintenance Program means that we handle those 3 a.m. phone calls so that you don’t have to! Our skilled maintenance team responds to tenant requests for repairs or emergency maintenance using their Tenant Portal. Quick response and repair times, as well as 24/7, 365 day availability takes away the stress of managing rentals and keeping tenants happy. Owners have full control over vendor choice and costs from start to finish of each repair.


How it works:


1. We receive your tenant request

  • Your tenant calls or texts us at the dedicated
    line we provide to you!
  • You receive a real-time email notification
    letting you know that we received a request.

2. Screen for Emergencies and Deep Drive

  • We use powerful software and questions to
    determine if a request is an Emergency, or not.
  • Our team of maintenance experts
    troubleshoots with the tenant over the phone.
    We prevent an unnecessary dispatch of a
  • If we fix the issue by phone you are instantly

3. Dispatch a Contractor

  • We will dispatch a contractor if we can’t
    troubleshoot the issue. We can dispatch your
    favorite contractors, or one of our preferred
    vendors. Either way you will know who the
    contractor is.

4. Follow-up to Resolve

  • We will follow up at the end of the contractor’s
    appointment to make sure everything got fixed.
    We will follow up with both the tenant and
  • We will notify you when the job is finished.

Ultimate Renting System
Enjoy access to Best in Class Marketing Systems

$4.95/unit per month

The best marketing plans expose your listings to more tenants, and use a consistent, effective message to showcase your properties and minimize vacancy times. Professional photography, 3D virtual tours, MLS and Relocation company access, as well as access to more than 40 of the top rental listing websites, we help polish your listings to perfection and get them the exposure that they need.

RentWatch offers a Marketing plug-in solution that can be added to your Core Service.



Sign up today to see how our plug-in maintenance and marketing solutions can help you maximize your portfolio without maxing out your budget.


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Right Price Assessment

With our Right Price Assessment, our team of valuation experts conducts thorough rent and market assessments, reviewing locations, supply and demand, fair market value, economic trends, and more to help you set your rent at a rate that will keep your properties filled while maximizing profits. Enter your address now to get a rental analysis report of your property to see how it compares to the rest of the market.