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Use the button above to access the login screen. From there, you can access your personalized Tenant Portal where you can make rent payments, request maintenance, or view your lease.

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If you’ve recently moved into your new home, click the button above to create a new user account. You can also give us a call for help at: 425.458.5306

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Your Tenant Portal is your ticket to saving time and stress when keeping track of everything related to your rental home, apartment, or condo. 

From your Tenant Portal, you can:

  • View and Pay Bills

  • Set up Automatic Rent and Bill Payments

  • Request Maintenance

  • View Your Payment History

Managing Your Home with Your Tenant Portal

Our Tenant Portal makes it easy to keep track of everything you need to do to keep a healthy relationship with your landlord or property owner. Whether you struggle to remember to pay bills on time or find yourself in need of maintenance, you can do it all from anywhere, and at any time, using the online portal.